Three Wonders;
Hey, welcome to Glymrian! We welcome all creatures, from dragons to pixies to wizards, so hey, care to tell us about you?
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The water dragon tilted her head slightly in confusion. Why the sudden change in attitude?

"Well, er, I think I’m a bit lost. Where is this place, exactly?"

She folded her arms over her chest and took a deep breath. “You’re in my homeland of Glymrian. Lots of lost creatures end up here.” She tilted her head to the side and examined the one in front of her. “Can I help you get somewhere? I’m not very good at the surrounding areas, but maybe I can help.”

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"Hello, welcome to Glym-" Nezera cut herself short and dug her heels to a stop in the ground. This was a dragon. Of what kind, she didn’t know, but her natural territorial senses were ringing. "Hello dragon. Can I help you?"

Heart-Breaking Curse [Vevel || Cethin]


"i’m fine really." she smiled placing her hand ontop of his. "what do you want it to be? girl or boy?" she asked with a wide smile. "i haven’t even thought of a good name yet either. i just, i can’t believe this is actually happening some days."

He didn’t answer her first question. He wanted one of both, truthfully. Yet he wasn’t ready to share that. “I’m positive you’ll think of a beautiful name for them.” He made sure to use ‘them’ this time. The last time he had said ‘it’ ended up with a vase being thrown at him.

"Are you sure you’re alright? I know your back hurts." He was still trying to shake his worry off by starting a conversation.

A Sea of Messes

Here, I’m bored, have a short drabble about a possible temporary character, a mermaid cursed with legs for refusal to an arranged marriage Who has the hots for an angry sword master.

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Alright yo, listen to a thing

I was just thinking about the mermaids that I’m always talkin’ about in my RP’s, and I know there’s something that really hasn’t been explained about them

The lake babes.

So, you have the lake babes, which are usually very timid and don’t enjoy outsiders- or anyone who isn’t a mermaid. They usually have bland colors due to adaption to the dark lakes and the need for camouflage. Even though they’re the biggest thing in the lake, they try to protect themselves from the land people. They make weapons to hunt fish and other sea creatures, and hold no magic abilities.

Imagine The Little Mermaid, except with a little less color.

And then there’s the sea-salt mermaids.

THESE guys are the reason that the group doesn’t go to the beach very often. Not only are these guys very territorial, they’re also extremely hostile and protective of their clan. The worst part? These guys can go on land for short periods of time (two hours, give or take). No, they don’t have legs, but they can waddle around like seals, and while they’re not fast, they have a deadly aim with their spears and have minimal magical powers. While the rest of them look like beautiful mermaids that you would think of…

Their king is a boss and you do not want to mess with him.




Informal: a love for ‘hidden’ animals; an obsession with mythical creatures; a particular affinity for cryptids.

Etymology: Greek crypto (hidden) + zoo (animal) + philia (love).

[Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo]

Surviving Mortal Wounds 101 [Susurro || The Trio]


"I’m covered alright," he spoke with increasing irritation, "But I’ll be damned if I’m to be indebted to you any more!" While he scolded Nezera for ‘putting a deeper debt upon him’, he felt his body bite a his own innards, causing pain as the emaciation physically hurts him.

"…Shit…" Susurro cursed, holding his stomach, "…Maybe a bit of food." The pains start to come. "I don’t understand… I ate yesterday." He wasn’t up to standing anymore, and his pants were sloppily put on at best. He felt terribly hungry, and didn’t much care whether or not he has pants all of a sudden. He slumped down as he fell before the two women. His knees helped him stay up, thankfully.

Susurro seems to be under Nezera’s mercy, yet again…

Nezera looked at Savita and scowled. “What in the world is he going on about?”

Savita simply shrugged and stepped forward to rest a hand on his shoulder. “Come on, let’s get you some food. Most humans need to eat two or three times a day, so you need to start eating more. You’re looking more like a skeleton than a dragon.” With a sweet smile, she gently tugged him inside.

Once inside, she led him to the kitchen and sat him down in a chair, holding up a finger for him to wait while she scurried into the kitchen, gathering some bread and fruit. “Look, if you’re really that worried about it, how about you come with us later to help raid a bandit camp? I’m sure Nez would consider that equal favor.” She returned to the table with the plate of snacks. “Snack on these while we wait for the real food, it’ll hold you over until then.”



Dragon Eyes

These are amazing