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Surviving Mortal Wounds 101 [Susurro || The Trio]


"I’m covered alright," he spoke with increasing irritation, "But I’ll be damned if I’m to be indebted to you any more!" While he scolded Nezera for ‘putting a deeper debt upon him’, he felt his body bite a his own innards, causing pain as the emaciation physically hurts him.

"…Shit…" Susurro cursed, holding his stomach, "…Maybe a bit of food." The pains start to come. "I don’t understand… I ate yesterday." He wasn’t up to standing anymore, and his pants were sloppily put on at best. He felt terribly hungry, and didn’t much care whether or not he has pants all of a sudden. He slumped down as he fell before the two women. His knees helped him stay up, thankfully.

Susurro seems to be under Nezera’s mercy, yet again…

Nezera looked at Savita and scowled. “What in the world is he going on about?”

Savita simply shrugged and stepped forward to rest a hand on his shoulder. “Come on, let’s get you some food. Most humans need to eat two or three times a day, so you need to start eating more. You’re looking more like a skeleton than a dragon.” With a sweet smile, she gently tugged him inside.

Once inside, she led him to the kitchen and sat him down in a chair, holding up a finger for him to wait while she scurried into the kitchen, gathering some bread and fruit. “Look, if you’re really that worried about it, how about you come with us later to help raid a bandit camp? I’m sure Nez would consider that equal favor.” She returned to the table with the plate of snacks. “Snack on these while we wait for the real food, it’ll hold you over until then.”



Dragon Eyes

These are amazing


Lover’s Skull [Draykan || Nezera]


"Thank you." With that he started to run his fingers over the blades, although his work seemed slow and distracted. After a minute of not really getting anything done, his curiosity became too much for him, and he sighed before looking at Cethin. 

"What did Nez ask the elder’s for? What would she want so badly as to contact them?" Dray felt horrible asking behind Nez’s back, but he needed to know, needed to know what she could have wanted that badly.

Cethin paused and gave Draykan a stare that seemed annoyed, with a hint of anger behind them. “She asked for knowledge about you. She didn’t know whether or not you were alive, and you weren’t here to give her the answers, so she called the only people she knew who would give them to her.”

He turned and retrieved one last sword and set it on the table without another word.

Surviving Mortal Wounds 101 [Susurro || The Trio]


"There’s a difference between being hungry, and needing food." Susurro spoke to Nezera as he concealed himself with more effort (although fruitless), "But yes, I do eat meat. Not a lot of fat, and with other kinds of food, if possible… I ate yesterday, I’ll be fine." In actuality, Susurro felt his emaciated body bite at himself, his stomach so thin that the bottom of his rib cage shows, yet not so hungry that every rib shows.

He did not recognize the ownership of the pants, nor did he care. He wanted to don the trousers, but he would have to lift his hands to do so. “…Just-… Drop the pants, and both of you turn around, please.” he grumbles, waiting for them to turn.

When (or if) they turn to face away, he swiftly puts the pants on to hide his ‘shame’, being thankful he has something. Rags would have worked, so long as he feels he isn’t showing a particular interest. Humans were weird, like that. he felt. “These will do, just as long as they hide the reproductive parts.” Blunt Susurro shows again.

Nezera pressed her lips together to keep from laughing. When Savita didn’t really seem to understand the point, she forced her to turn around to give the dragon his privacy, taking a few steps away.

"Alright, you covered back there?" Nez called over her shoulder, not daring even a peek. He sounded as if he had dressed, but she couldn’t be too sure. "Because, I have some dinner to cook, and you’re going to eat regardless of if you’re hungry or not, because I can swear I hear your stomach calling for food."


So basically all these separate posts are kind of combining into my head into this one epic fantasy series with mermaids and knights and dragons and pirates

where all the relevant characters are lesbians.



Sometimes I don’t want to rp.

Sometimes I only want to rp selectively because a certain thread intrigues me at a time.

It’s not me being a bitch.

It’s me being the average human that has interests and moods.


If you are ever feeling down I recommend you just look at this GIF


If you are ever feeling down I recommend you just look at this GIF

Surviving Mortal Wounds 101 [Susurro || The Trio]


He nodded his head gently, still looking away, hiding behind what hair he had. A pity he was feeling so exposed and inappropriate. “Please. We don’t want to see a human looking like a crazed, lonely person.” While he contemplates ideas of how to force Nezera to pricing his rescue, he sulked away with his hands cupped over his groin, hiding the pride wounding display.

His body tone seems a bit on the light side, yet fairly thin. He eats rarely, and as a human, he WILL need to eat more. But at least he has muscles to show. Not huge ones like the roman god of strength, oh no. Instead, he looked rather fit.

She chuckled and nodded once. “I’ll be right back with some clothes. And then you can come in for some food, yes? You look like you haven’t eaten in a week!” With a wide grin, she disappeared into the house, skipping the whole way.

Not seconds after she disappeared, Nezera appeared through the bushes, wiping a stray bit of red from her lip. Upon seeing Susurro, a small bashful blush spread across her cheeks, and she gestured behind her to where a deceased elk was hidden. “Just… catching some dinner. I hope you’re hungry? Or were you the strange one that didn’t like meat?”

She looked over as Savita came running back out of the house, her brilliant laugh following her as she carried a pair of pants outside. Nezera was about to question, but she soon realized that they were Cethin’s, and that would have explained why she was running.

Savita grinned as she approached Susurro, holding out the pants. “We can get you better ones tomorrow, but these should fit you just fine.”