Three Wonders;
Hey, welcome to Glymrian! We welcome all creatures, from dragons to pixies to wizards, so hey, care to tell us about you?
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Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]


He nodded back. “Still, if it gets too much you can always draw on my powers and magic to boost yourself.” It would basically be like drawing from the universe itself to boost her magic, that was all Draykan really was, the conduit for all the universe’s magic with a personality.

As soon as the dagger went, Draykan followed after it, quickly subduing the guard and tying him up with a practiced ease. 3 down, one or two more guards to go, then the king himself. He really hoped he was see reason, but had a sinking feeling that wasn’t going to be the case.

Nezera pulled back, once again feeling lightheaded from using her bending. It was easy; mermaids were surrounded by water, and creatures of water, and their blood was much easier to control. But being under salt water and resisting killing them was making it very hard, and was taking it’s toll on her. However, being the tough creature she was, she wasn’t going to ask Draykan for help.

Kai followed after them and looked at the guard’s broken staff, which was currently in Cethin’s hands. “The crystal determines the primary roll of the staff. Blue is electricity. Green is paralysis. Red is heat- not necessarily flame- and orange is telekinesis. Any other color hasn’t been set to have a primary roll. The staffs are bonded with the person they are given to- which is why if you break the entire staff, the merman dies. Destroy the crystal, and the merman simply becomes momentarily stunned, give or take a few seconds.”

The dragon cocked her head to the side. “So what does purple mean?" It took her a long second to realize that Kai wouldn’t understand her, as Kai began to head down the hall without replying.

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The dragon of bone couldn’t help to let out a laugh, “Not every day you see a creature like me! Well thank you for the warm welcome. My name is Roxaanfah.” She introduced herself.

Nezera sighed of relief, grateful that she hadn’t offended the other. Her posture relaxed and she let out a short laugh. “If you had been here yesterday, I wouldn’t have known you were an actual creature. You are right, it’s not often you find a bone creature.” Giving the dragon a formal, respectful bow, she looked up with a grin. “It’s a pleasure, Roxaanfah. My name is Nezera.”

roxaanfah is passing through!

"Hello! Welcome to-" Nezera was cut off by the strange sight before her. Unable to resist gaping for a second, she forced the rest of her welcome out. "Welcome to Glymrian."

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"Hello, welcome to Glymrian!" The half-breed shouted, waving at the stranger.

Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]


Draykan followed after her, chuckling softly to himself. The two should count themselves lucky that they were going non-lethal for this. It would be far easier to simply kill them before they even knew what happened, but easier isn’t always better, and to make sure that nobody hated them they needed to keep people alive.

The fact that Nez was dazed didn’t go unnoticed through their bond, and he shot a quick glance her way that asked if she was okay. He didn’t want her to pass out from her blood bending and was willing to lend her some of his power so she’d be okay.

Nezera sighed and looked at her mate and shook her head a bit. “It’s hard to keep them alive and immobilize them at the same time. I’m used to only having to really kill using the bending. It just makes me lightheaded is all.

Kai held out her arm to stop them before they turned a corner, nodding her head to her right to indicate a guard standing at the very end of the hall. “Be careful with this one. His staff is electric and will zap anyone within a two meter radius of him. The staff needs to get out of his hand first.”

The dragon turned and looked at Ceth, who gave a subtle nod of his head and pulled one of his daggers out, moving Kai out of the way so he could see down the hall. After finding his target, he let the dagger fly from his hand. The dagger shot forward and went straight through the crystal on the tip of the staff, shattering it while Nez moved to keep him still and awaited for Dray to tie him up.

Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]


Draykan nodded in agreement to the plan, grabbing a few lengths of rope out of seemingly thin air as well as a few things of cloth for gagging, then handed half of it to Cethin.

"I know you want to give into bloodlust, but no unnecessary killing. I’ll make it up to you afterwards, but we don’t want these people to hate us or Kai. That’s only going to cause further problems."

With that he waited for the signal then dashed forward, making it seem like he was running on solid ground rather than through the water as he made to to the pair trapped by Nez’s blood bending.

He quickly tied and gagged the one guy up, taking the staff and pushing it out of reach, then turning to check on Cethin’s progress… And to see if he would need to provide emergency healing in case the bloodrage got the better of him.

Cethin had to use a dagger and his weapon abilities to propel himself forward at a decent speed to reach the other man and tie him up. However, it was obvious by the stiffness of his muscles that he was really restraining himself as he tied the other person up and shot their staff to the other side of the room.

After they were restrained, Nezera pulled back into herself and shook out the dazed feeling in her head. Luckily it was only momentary, but she was going to need a quick breather. By the time Kai made her way over to them, she was fine.

Kai looked at the two guards, who were staring at her as though she had come back from the dead. Their companion only gave them a wink before taking their staffs and locking them in a closet and heading down the hallway, motioning for the three to follow her.

Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]


"That will work. Make sure they can’t talk either, I have some rope form my ‘pocket’ I can grab to gag them, but until then we have to make sure they can’t shout. You’re right that we don’t want to have the guard hate Kai, so only kill if necessary. That goes for you too Ceth, I know you want to let loose but only kill if they look to be about to shout and Nez can’t control them in time." Maybe even only slash the throat, Dray could heal them before they bled out but he wouldn’t say that in case Cethin decided to get slash happy.

You take the fun away. Nezera could almost read Cethin’s mind as Draykan agreed to her plan. It was amusing to see him in such stress, but she knew if he didn’t get at least a kill or two before the king, there would be a price they all would pay.

"Wait, pocket? You have pockets? I don’t- Oh, here’s the door that leads inside." The wall seemed ordinary- just another part of the wall. Kai lifted her staff and pressed the crystal into the center of the door, and the rocks shifted out of the way, leading to another small enclosed room. "Alright," Kai’s voice was nothing more than a whisper now, "if my crystal is beaming correctly, there’s two guards in the hallway on the far end of the dining room. Try to move as little as possible, our tails are very sensitive to vibrations. I’ll try to hack their staffs so they won’t light up as soon as we get any closer."

Nezera’s ears shifted, finding their targets, before she nodded and looked to Draykan and Ceth. “Wait for my signal. I’m going to have to get around them so I can see them to use my bending. As soon as I have them pinned, you two tie them. Understood?

Cethin nodded and gave a short translation to Kai, who inclined her head. “I’ll be here until it’s clear so I’m not seen and keep their staffs from alerting the others.”

After Kai had given her the go, Nez pushed the tiles out of the way as gently as she could with her water bending and swam through the opening, making a swift movement through the water until she was floating just behind the two guards, who seemed to consumed in the strange behavior of their staffs to notice her. After making eye contact with the two of them, she jolted forward and pinned them both immediately using her blood bending. “Go now!” Her voice sounded in their heads rather than aloud.

Anger was better than tears, better than grief, better than guilt.
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Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]


Dray started as she hugged him, but what startled him even more was when Cethin actually looked like he was going to protect him. The dragon didn’t think Cethin had ever even remotely done something like that, so it certainly came as a huge shock to him.

He could still tell that she wasn’t telling them everything, but nothing short of torture or forcing his way into her mind was likely to get anything else from her. So he just continued to walk forward, listening to the talk. While he would prefer to try and do all he could to convince the king, if it didn’t work he was prepared to help with the regicide. And yes, he would let Cethin have the final strike.

"Kai, how much further, and what should re expect at the end?"

Kai seemed to be trembling. Ever since they had discovered what she was hiding, she couldn’t shake the feeling of fear from their rejection. Even though they hadn’t rejected her, she still felt cold and guilty. “H-Huh? Oh!” Scrambling her thoughts in an organized fashion, she kept her eyes on the end of the cave, her staff casting the only light from the cave. “Ah, well, this should lead us right into the palace. Specifically the dining room. I was forced to memorize these routes as a kid in case something ever happened inside. There’s a couple of tiles that push out of place. Luckily for us, everyone should be sleeping. There probably won’t be anyone inside, but there will be a guard or two in each sector. There’s probably three sectors between here and the main palace room where my father will be.”

Nezera turned to Draykan after hearing. “Help me immobilize them. My blood bending will work well with them under water, so I can probably hold them off while you and Ceth tie them down. If we can avoid killing, we should, but I have a feeling the King isn’t going to take well to us being there. However, we don’t want the whole guard to turn on Kai the second we walk out of the city, so we need to be picky on who we kill and who we leave alive.




—-> Nez just takes him by the ear with this heavy sigh. XD