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Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]


"Well that last part was what my question was asking. And that seems like a strange punishment." The dragon remarked, chuckling softly. "You must be one of the mer people that live in the lake, yes? what did you do to make your father strand you above ground?"

Nezera made a low growling sound in the back of her throat- a note of displeasure. “No, she’s a sea dweller. Meaning her people are…” She paused and looked to Kai, who blinked as if she had grown a third head.

"Yes, they are jerks." Kai finished the statement for her. "I told my father I didn’t want to marry the man he wanted me to. He told me I had no choice, but I told him no anyway. So he put me up here."

Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]


"Heh, you know I’m a quiet walker. But I see that." It was clear the woman wasn’t a land dweller, the small gills on the side of her neck showed that, but he couldn’t guess why she was here. 

To answer her question though… “It’s my natural hair color. I could ask the same thing about why you are here.”

"My hair color?" A little befuddled, Kai picked up a stray lock of her blonde hair, studying it between her fingers. "Well, mines my natural color. I think. I mean, do you all have strange hair colors up here? Well, no, that can’t be true, because hers and his-" she pointed between Cethin and Nez "-is black but hers is red…" She shrugged a bit and gave it up. "Well, my father wasn’t very happy with me. So he gave me legs and put me up here."

Heart-Breaking Curse [Vevel || Cethin]


"yeah yeah." she laughed shaking her head. "maybe you need better choice in books hm?" she smiled laying down in the bed. "i have to admit, i am nervous. i hear having your first child is excruciating but being able to hold them in your arms, it makes it all worth it." she sighed with a small smile.

A very faint rosy color flushed over Cethin’s cheeks. Truthfully, he didn’t know the titles of the books he picked up; he couldn’t understand them. “O-Or you need to teach me which books are better,” he stammered, glancing away from her while his fist curled against the bed sheets.

"Well, we’ll all do what we can to drown the pain for you." He smiled a bit and patted her knee. "Why don’t you get some rest? Nez can cook for tonight, hmm?" 

Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]


In the time it took Nez to find the dress, Dray finished bathing and was just now drying off, sensing the tense atmosphere as the steam cleared away. once he finished drying, he quickly got changed in his usual attire and headed downstairs, kissing Nez’s cheek. 

"What’s the problem dear?"

Nezera yelped as Draykan appeared next to her, jumping a bit in his arms. “Geez, don’t do that. I’m going to start calling you Cethin, geez.” She chuckled and kissed his cheek. “And we… erm, have a visitor.”

On cue, Savita returned with Kai, trying to help the woman understand the stairs and how her legs worked. Unfortunately, she tripped and fell out of Savita’s arms and tumbled half way down the steps before she fell against Cethin at the very end.

Looking rather unpleased, Cethin pushed Kai towards Nez and walked away with a huff.

Clearing her throat, Nez pulled Kai’s arm over her shoulder. “Draykan, this is Kai… Kai, this is my mate, Draykan.”

Kai tilted her head to the side and studied him. “Why is your hair blue?”

Heart-Breaking Curse [Vevel || Cethin]


"i’m pregnant not dying!" she laughed walking to her room at her own pace. "you know i will shout for you to get me a new book and what not." she teased entering her room and walking to the bookshelf.

Cethin followed her protectively the entire way, smirking behind her. “But you will give me the title next time, yes? Because the last time I tried to bring you a book, you threw it at me and said, ‘I’ve read this twenty times already’.”

Chuckling a bit, he walked to the bed and sat down. “I-I just worry about you is all.”

Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]


The dragon in question was currently resting in the bath in fact, having already scrubbed himself clean and now just relaxing in the still steaming water. The benefits to being a dragon and omnipotent being, the water was always the perfect temperature.

He still managed to hear Nez call his name, and shouted down to her. “I’m in the tub, I’ll be down in a few minutes.” Of course he still didn’t sense that there was an extra person or that everyone was tense, the steam slightly distorted his senses. Ever since the incident, his powers had been weaker.

Nezera looked up the stairs where the voice was coming from and sighed heavily, her gaze making it’s way over to the walking sea creature on her couch, who was currently trying to figure out what she was sitting on. A whine escaped her, and she muttered a sarcastic “take your time” under her breath as she headed up the stairs to find clothes for the new addition.

Meanwhile, Savita worked patiently to explain everything in the room to Kai, who looked just as lost as she did amazed. Ceth stood in the far corner, ignoring their casual conversation and the strange looks Kai kept giving him.

Luckily, Nezera saved him just in time, reappearing with a flimsy blue dress in her arms. “Here, you can wear this. And I’m sure Savita can help you put it on, but this will keep you… covered.” She tossed Kai the fabric, and she stared at it as if it were the strangest thing she had ever seen.

Savita pulled Kai to her feet and helped her to another room to change.

"Any day now would be nice, darling!" Nezera shouted up the stairs, trying to keep her tone light.

Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]

"You didn’t hurt anyone, did you?" Kai’s voice was almost a whimper as Nezera returned, breathing heavily.

The half-dragon had to blink three times before she replied. “No. I pushed them back and we ran back as soon as we had the chance. But now isn’t the time to talk about what I didn’t and didn’t do. We need to get back to the house, I don’t want their magics getting too close.”

Looking desperately for some other way out of it, she attempted to struggle as Cethin picked her back up. “No, I have to get back! They’re going to-“

"They’re not going to do anything except kill you. Now stop struggling before I force you to." Cethin’s voice was sharp and demanding. When she didn’t listen, he swung Kai over his shoulder and carried her.

Nezera pinched her nose as Kai screamed for him to put her down, turning to glance at Savita who had returned to her side. “Is it clear?”

The phoenix nodded. “Seems to be.”

She nodded and looked up as they approached the house. Funny how when one wasn’t thinking about it, it came up so quickly.

"I sure hope Dray has some sort of solution to this…" Taking a deep breath, Nez pushed open the door while Cethin carried her inside and nearly threw the woman on the couch. "Draykan? You home?"

Surviving Mortal Wounds 101 [Susurro || The Trio]


Almost immediately, Susurro had attacked the food provided, eating the fruits, stem, seeds, skin, and ovaries and all. Bananas went bye-bye, the apples are absent, the limes left in his stomach, and the bread banished to sate his hunger. He was almost animal-like. After finishing the snacks (quite rudely), he craved more food. How was he THIS hungry? This was the amount of meat he eats in a week, and yet he needs more…

"Mmm… Hmmngh." he huffed, catching a breath, "I’ll be happy to kill them alone if I have to. I can’t die."

Savita chuckled as he devoured the food as if it was his last lifeline. After all, if he was only eating one meal every few days… even she couldn’t do that. And she was more than thankful when Nezera came in with the meats to cook for more of a meal.

"You won’t have to go alone. We all go because it keeps us on good terms with the natives. We take care of their enemies, and they give us food and other items for cheaper prices. They even built us this home."

Nezera nodded in agreement from the kitchen and pulled out spices for the meat. “If you would like to join us, you’re more than welcome. There will be plenty to go around.”

Heart-Breaking Curse [Vevel || Cethin]


"i am fine love. really." she cooed with a smile. "it kills to not be able to hold an axe but, i couldn’t be any happier."she got up with a grunt walking to her room. "i’m going to lay down for a bit alright?"

He smiled as sweetly as she could and placed his hand under her elbow to help her to her feet. “Do you need help getting up the stairs? I can carry you.” Truthfully, he knew she would tell him no. But he enjoyed teasing her anyway. “Make sure to yell at me if you need anything. The… Divines will hear it I’m sure.” His brow furrowed and he hoped he was getting his information right. 

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The water dragon tilted her head slightly in confusion. Why the sudden change in attitude?

"Well, er, I think I’m a bit lost. Where is this place, exactly?"

She folded her arms over her chest and took a deep breath. “You’re in my homeland of Glymrian. Lots of lost creatures end up here.” She tilted her head to the side and examined the one in front of her. “Can I help you get somewhere? I’m not very good at the surrounding areas, but maybe I can help.”